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Our Fleet

G-CMCL Interior 6.jpg

Our fleet of Agusta/Leonardo helicopters comprises the ever popular six seat AW109 range and the larger eight seat AW169 variant. Flown by our highly experienced pilots they boast the following benefits:


Halo Aviation is committed to its passenger safety. By operating the leading helicopter types in their class, we can fly by day and night with an unprecedented level of security, including over built-up areas, water and in poor weather conditions.

Speed and Range            

Cruising at over 180 mph, we operate the fastest charter helicopters in the UK, allowing non-stop flights to most UK and Northern European cities. For approximate flight times please see our range map.


Our helicopters’ performance allow us to land at sites that many older aircraft may not be allowed to access. While London has only a limited number of official helipads, we hold a database of hundreds of landing sites around the rest of the UK if if you do not have access to a suitable area at your destination.


Our fleet lead their classes in levels of comfort. Air-conditioning, soundproofing and low vibration levels ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Agusta AW109

We operate both the AW109E and the AW109SP in both 5 and 6 seat cabin seating configurations. The AW109 is by far the most popular corporate twin-engine helicopter and we have been operating them around the UK and Europe for the last ten years.



G8 Helis.jpg
G-VIVE interior 3.jpg

Agusta AW169   -   G-GETU

We operate three AW169 helicopters of which 2 are available for charter. G-GETU is configured with an 8-seat configuration and is based between Guernsey and London.  It can be operated with single or twin pilot.

G-GETU Exterior 6.jpg
G-GETU Interior Model 2.jpg

Agusta AW169   -   G-CMCL

G-CMCL is configured with 7 seats in the main cabin and can be operrated with single or twin pilots.

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