Halo Aviation's Carbon Offset Programme 


Halo Aviation is excited to be implementing a carbon management plan to reduce our emissions over time.  While we reduce our emissions, we need to take responsibility for what we continue to emit. In order to do so, we will offset the residual emissions through high-quality carbon credits. We have chosen to offset our residual emissions through international projects that cut carbon and improve lives. 


We are working with leading carbon offset provider ClimateCare to ensure our offset programme is of the highest quality and delivers real impact. ClimateCare are the UK’s leading B Corp and provide offsetting programmes for companies around the world including Jaguar Land Rover, Aviva, the Co-op and many more. 


Our clients will have the opportunity to contribute to the program on a flight-by-flight basis.  Working with ClimateCare we can accurately calculate the cost to offset the emissions of each aircraft and schedule, and clients can select this as an option when they confirm a trip.  It is a very small percentage of the overall cost of the charter, , so we do hope as many of our clients as possible select this option and take responsibility for the emissions of their itinerary.


To learn more about the projects we are supporting with ClimateCare, please clieck here.


The Aqua Clara water filters project, which Halo Aviation is supporting through its offsetting programme, makes and distributes safe water technologies to households, schools and communities.